Belle River

Water Intake

  • Completion Date: September 2009
  • Owner: Township of Lakeshore
  • Project Value: $4,376,800.00

About this Project

Removal 500m of existing 400mm bell-and-socket steel piping. Built a 300m temporary access road from shore to a water depth of 1.5m for trench excavation. Remaining 20,000m3 of 2.9m (average) deep trench excavation executed with a mechanical dredge and dump scows into water depths of 5m. Excavated material transported to a dock and stockpiled on shore.

Design and install a steel sheet pile cofferdam against existing building.
Installed 1,075m of 1200mm HDPE intake pipe. Installed 1075m of 400mm HDPE conduit pipe. Installed five lengths of 1,075m HDPE lines for sampling, chlorine and air supply for the frazil ice system (25 – 75mm). Install HDPE intake structure and frazil ice protection head. Install clear stone backfill and scour protection. Connect pipeline and ancillary lines to new vault on shore.

yellow construction crane beside long pipes in frozen water
large yellow heavy machinery near waterfront
construction worker next to large metal pipe

Project Details

  • Location: Belle River, Ontario
  • Contact Person: Tom Touralias
    Phone: 519-728-2700
    E-mail: [email protected]
  • Consultant: Associated Engineering
    Contact Person: Chris Caers
    Phone: 905-346-0990
    E-mail: [email protected]

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