Burloak Raw

Water Intake

  • Completion Date: 2007
  • Owner: Region of Halton
  • Project Value: $8,575,377

About this Project

Supplied and installed 1100m of 2250mm dia. concrete pressure pipe in a 4m deep, drilled, blasted and excavated trench in Lake Ontario. Blasting occurred within 500m of a working marine fuel dock and within 400m of waterfront residences. Most of the marine work occurred within Dean-designed bubble curtains to control turbidity, contain blast waves and protect the environment. Full-time monitoring of turbidity and blasting activities was required by the DFO, as well as providing third-party counts of any fish killed. The concrete pipe was connected using the HydroPull technology.

The intake pipe was laid between a precast concrete riser placed and grouted into a 4.3m dia., 12m deep hole installed at the on-shore end in 5m of water and a 70t, precast concrete intake structure in 20m of water at the off-shore end. All connections and structures were vacuum-tested for water-tightness prior to the tunneling operations connecting the riser to the water treatment plant.

boat near large yellow and black pier on body of water
three construction workers by large hollow pipes near body of water
blast in body of water near shoreline of trees

Project Details

  • Location: Oakville, Ontario
  • Contact Person: Ryan Curtis
    Phone: 905-825-6000
    E-mail: [email protected] 
  • Consultant: R.V. Anderson
    Contact Person: Tom Richardson
    Phone: 416-497-8600
    E-mail: [email protected] 

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