Celebrating 73 Years

Dean Construction Company Ltd. is a family owned business that is proud of its long history. Its beginnings can be traced back to 1926 when its founder, Americo Dean, ventured into the construction business. During this early period he was engaged in sewer and watermain construction, highway building, aggregate production and trucking. He incorporated Dean Construction Company Limited in 1947.

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Family, Tradition & Growth

Celebrating 73 Years in 2020

Americo Dean devoted his efforts to building a company worthy of his family name.

Americo Dean Sr. immigrated to Canada from Italy at a very young age. His involvement in the construction industry began with a job at a highway paving company called Merlo, Merlo & Ray.

After gaining experience, he ventured out on his own and founded Intercounty Sand and Gravel with business partner Doug Reeb. The early years of his business included sewer and water main construction, highway paving, trucking and construction of government buildings (schools and post offices). Eventually, he moved into marine construction and incorporated Dean Construction Company Ltd. in 1947.

He was justly proud of the reputation it earned amongst its clients and competitors alike, for honesty, quality and dependability. He was also proud to be able to pass the reigns of the company to his son, Americo Dean Jr., in 1960.

The family company, now in its third generation, has continued to grow and is now one of the largest marine contracting and deep foundation specialists in the Great Lakes region!

Heightened international concern over the poor quality of the Great Lakes has focused attention on the need to reduce pollution, contain or remove contaminated sediment and remediate our environment. Dean has helped to protect and restore environmentally sensitive wetlands, fish habitats and recreational areas through the construction of sediment traps, fish ladders, artificial reefs, spawning areas, and beach sills.

We are continually purchasing, upgrading and building new equipment to improve the quality and efficiency of our work.

With the collective support of our clients, employees, suppliers and subcontractors, our company has well earned it’s reputation as one of the premier deep foundation and marine construction companies in the Great Lakes region. We are fully staffed and equipped to perform virtually all types of pile driving, preboring, subaqueous drilling, caisson, cofferdam, dredging and barging work.

We are proud of our accomplishments and have grown steadily, but have resisted the temptation of rapid growth. Our goal is to become better, not bigger in our specialty areas so that we can continue to provide our clients with the highest quality work, at the lowest possible price.

Ingenuity is our hallmark and experience is our strength. We have a proven ability to complete complex marine and deep foundation projects under the most difficult weather and site conditions. Our clients will attest that we not only plan our work thoroughly, but execute our work carefully.

As a family owned business, we are totally committed to team effort. We have attracted a dedicated staff, many of whom have worked for Dean Construction for decades. They are highly skilled tradesmen and professionals who are thoroughly familiar with our specialized type of construction.

Our mechanics maintain all of our owned equipment to keep it in peak operating condition. We also stock spare parts to avoid unnecessary delays should unscheduled repairs become necessary. We have recently invested more than $1,000,000 to enlarge and enhance our marine facility on the Detroit River in LaSalle, Ontario. By consolidating our operations at one location we have improved our efficiency and planned for the long-term expansion of our specialty construction services.

We are continually purchasing, upgrading and building new equipment to improve the quality and efficiency of our work.

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