Deep Foundations

Over the past 50 years Dean Construction has driven countless piles and drilled numerous caissons in all types of ground to support buildings, bridges and heavy equipment.

Our Capibilities

We have also sunk shafts and built large cofferdams in difficult soils to permit the safe construction of water and sewage treatment plants, pumping stations and the deep foundations required for many industrial projects.

Because of the volume of our deep foundation work, we maintain close contact with international suppliers of steel piling and have ready access to economical sections at discount prices.

Dean Construction owns and operates many types of conventional equipment including diesel impact hammers, caisson drills, (to 90″ diameter) and all associated equipment. We also have ready access to wide variety of specialized equipment through our contacts in the industry across North America.

Pile Driving

Rock-socketed piles as well as grouted, tensioned rock anchors have also been installed by Dean.


Dean has installed micropiles at numerous sites as a cost saving alternate to coventional deep foundations. Micropiles have also been useful where sites are inaccessible to larger equipment or where vibration must be avoided.


Cast-in-place drilled shafts, these foundation elements provide compressive capacity using concrete and rebar. Dean has installed “belled” and “straight” versions of these for many years

Deep Foundations Dean Construction Company

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