Pier 22 Wharf Construction and Dredging

  • Completion Date: December 2012
  • Owner: Hamilton Port Authority
  • Project Value: $3,289,00.00

About this Project

Supply and installation of 90lm of SKZ-36 steel sheet piling in 20m lengths, including a concrete parapet. Dredging of 22,745m3 of contaminated sediment, including offloading, trucking, disposal and containment area construction and maintenance.

Project Details

  • Location: Hamilton, Ontario
  • Contact Person: Jonathan Wetsalaar
    Phone: 905-525-1040
    Fax: 905-525-7258
    E-mail: [email protected]
  • Consultant: Riggs Engineering
    Contact Person: Jill Coles
    Phone: 519-657-1040
    Fax: 519-657-8631
    E-mail: [email protected] 
orange crane operating alongside construction workers near water
construction crane operating near large concrete blocks

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