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Dean Construction is one of the foremost deep foundation and marine construction companies in the Great Lakes Region. Dean Construction Company Ltd. is a family-owned business, proud of its long history. Currently celebrating 73 years, our incorporation in 1947 can be traced back further to 1926!

Hamilton Pier Rehabilitation Dean Construction Company

Enwave - Deep Lake Water Cooling Expansion - Grouting Phase

Grout fill was installed in the 564m long anulus between a new 1600mm outer-diameter HDPE intake line and an existing, abandoned 1797mm inner-diameter steel intake line.  Filling the space between the two pipes prevents the HDPE from possible collapse during under-pressure conditions. A custom, high-flow grout mix was developed for this purpose.

Mid-Halton Sewage Treatment

Enwave - Deep Lake Water Cooling Expansion - Slip Lining Phase

The slip-lining phase of the Enwave project facilitated the reuse of abandoned infrastructure and eliminated the need to excavate a 600m long trench (through marine habitat) from the beach at Centre Island into Lake Ontario.

Mid-Halton Sewage Treatment

Enwave - Deep Lake Water Cooling Expansion - Test Pigging Phase

The test pigging phase of the Enwave project was performed to ensure that the planned slip-lining operation was feasible.

Hamilton Pier Rehabilitation Dean Construction Company

Hamilton – Pier 8 Rehabilitation

Demolition and disposal of existing concrete wharf. Supply and installation of 516 lineal meter of hot rolled sheet piling AZ38-700N in sheet lengths of 70′ complete with supply and installation of 147 concrete block anchors and 75 linear meters of AZ23-800 anchor wall for future pump station.

Mid-Halton Sewage Treatment

Mid-Halton Sewage Treatment Plant Diffuser Installation

Supplied and installed eighteen, 21m long, 500mm dia. stainless steel risers into holes drilled through overburden and rock on the bottom of Lake Ontario in 30m of water. 

Pier 15 West Wharf Reconstruction

Pier 15 West Wharf Reconstruction

Supply and installation of 192lm of 22m and 24m long JZ-127 steel sheet piling.

LaFarge Shoreline Improvements Fish Habitat Works

LaFarge Shoreline Improvements and Fish Habitat Works – Phase 3

Supply and install approximately 2,800 tons of 1 – 3 ton armour stone along shoreline for erosion protection and fish habitat. Also supplied three 100’ long pipe piles to be used as bollards.

Replacement failed breakwall with stone revetment

Replacement of failed breakwall with stone revetment

Work consisted of the emergency removal and containment of contaminated sediments, removal of failed wood and concrete wall and cope and the placement of an engineered armour stone revetment as well as the installation of timber pile fendering clusters.

Wharf Construction Dredging Pier

Pier 22 Wharf Construction and Dredging

Supply and installation of 90lm of SKZ-36 steel sheet piling in 20m lengths, including a concrete parapet. Dredging of 22,745m3 of contaminated sediment, including offloading, trucking, disposal and containment area construction and maintenance.

Keating Channel Outfall

Keating Channel Outfall

Redesign of outfall for constructability purposes using. Cut and removed existing concrete cope. Supplied and installed steel sheet pile cofferdam.

Stormwater Retention Treatment Basin

Stormwater Retention/Treatment Basin

Supplied and installed 200m of 2250mm diameter concrete pressure pipe as an outfall for a stormwater retention/treatment structure.

Detroit Windsor Truck Ferry Dock

Detroit-Windsor Truck Ferry Dock - Subcontractor

Construction of new ferry dock and ramp. Supply and install 48” dia. steel pipe piles to bedrock with tensioned and tested rock anchors and filled with tremie concrete.

Belle River Water Intake

Belle River Water Intake

Removal 500m of existing 400mm bell-and-socket steel piping. Built a 300m temporary access road from shore to a water depth of 1.5m for trench excavation.

Clarkson Sewage Treatment Plant

Clarkson Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade

Supplied and installed stainless steel risers with FRP diffuser assemblies and a pre-cast concrete anchor shaft, all of which were then grouted and sealed underwater.

Burloak Raw Water Intake

Burloak Raw Water Intake

Supplied and installed 1100m of 2250mm dia. concrete pressure pipe in a 4m deep, drilled, blasted and excavated trench in Lake Ontario.

Windsor Riverfront Shoreline Improvements

Windsor Riverfront Shoreline Improvements

Supplied and installed steel sheet walls with sheet pile tie-backs. Supplied and installed sheet pile bin wall with tie-rods and stone backfill.

MTO Ferry Dock Windsor

Miscellaneous Stone Works

Stone works projects include habitat creation, fish spawning beds, shoreline restoration, ferry dock, and stone revetment.

three people stand to the left of a canadian flag banner and three people stand to the right outdoors with buildings in the background

The Great Canadian Flag Project

Dean Construction was proud to be part of the Great Canadian Flag Project. The Canadian Flag is being erected in Dieppe Gardens at the foot of Ouellette Avenue in Windsor, Ontario. 

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