Shoreline Protection

Dean Construction has protected many miles of shoreline from flooding and erosion with the installation of engineered systems appropriate to the location.

Our Capibilities

These systems have included steel sheet piling, concrete bulkheads, armour stone revetments, steel bin walls, groyne fields and various proprietary systems. We have also helped to protect and restore environmentally sensitive wetlands, fish habitats and recreational areas through the construction of sediment traps, fish ladders, artificial reefs, spawning areas and beach sills.

Our clients include many local, regional and national agencies, both in Canada and the United States. We are therefore thoroughly familiar with the ever-changing Regulatory, Approvals and Permitting processes which apply to construction activities on the Great Lakes and within regional waterways.

Environmental Works

  • Construction of new fish spawning/habitat areas. 
  • Enhancement of existing marine areas through the construction of spawing beds and artificial reefs.
  • Construction of structures to protect natural areas from disruptive species.

Shoring / Cofferdams

Dean installs numerous earth-retention and dewatering structures every year. Whether to permit excavation and construction, or support existing structures and soild. Dean has the experience and expertise to provide economical solutions.

Shoreline Protection Construction Crane

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