Detroit-Windsor Truck Ferry Dock – Subcontractor

  • Completion Date: 2010
  • Owner: Detroit-Windsor Truck Ferry
  • Project Value: $3,581,000.00

About this Project

Construction of new ferry dock and ramp. Supply and install 48” dia. steel pipe piles to bedrock with tensioned and tested rock anchors and filled with tremie concrete. Supply and install structural steel bridge, decks and ramps. Supplied and installed stacked armour stone and rip-rap shore protection. Constructed a temporary containment facility for contaminated dredge material, then dredged, offloaded and trucked the material to off-site disposal. All work was done to MTO specifications under Dean’s approved Core Quality Control Plan.

workers driving pipe piles through dewatering concrete form structure
construction workers next to yellow hook positioning steel ramp structure
rock anchors through template inside pipes

Project Details

  • Location: Windsor, Ontario
  • Contact Person: Gregg Ward
    Phone: 313-842-2088
    Fax: 313-842-2091
    E-mail: [email protected] 
  • Consultant: Mill-Am Corporation
    Contact Person: Domenic Aversa
    Phone: 519-737-6050
    Fax: 519-737-1929
    E-mail: [email protected] 

Contact Us

    2720 Front Road, Windsor, Ontario N9J 2N5